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" Let him that would move the world first move himself" -Socrates

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

So if you have been following me on social @brewedinbeauty I'm sure you've noticed things are looking a bit different, and no, I don't mean the silly masks we all have to wear! I did it again, I moved salons! I promise this is the last time! Since moving to Connecticut I have been searching for my dream space. I truly believed the suite was the answer. I totally enjoyed my time there and the space was gorgeous but I started feeling a bit lonely after a little while. I started longing for a sense of community. We had just been stuck at home for over two months and there wasn't in person classes happening for a while. So the first class I heard about happening I signed up for and thoroughly enjoyed. But what really lit my spark was being in a room full of like minded people. I hadn't realized just how important it was to me. So once I decided it was time to find a new salon I knew I just had to reach out to Ms Gina Bianca, someone I have looked to as a mentor since I was in Cosmetology School and actually attended one of her amazing classes while living in Phoenix. She just built a new salon from the ground up called "The Network" . It is a HUGE space with gorgeous natural lighting. She hosts several classes throughout the year herself along with other top tier educators. The Network is all about growing creative minds and letting them "network". I am ecstatic for this opportunity and know in my heart this is the place for me!... Also, there is always the plus of it being attached to Kinsmen Brewery!

The Network is located at 409 Canal Street Plantsville CT. 06479

When you get to The Network please park in the gated parking lot and walk down the brick path to the third door. As always you are welcome to schedule appointments online or reach out to me via text 954-654-8304 with any questions.

Thank you so much for your continued support as I grow here in my home state of Connecticut.

xo Kirsten

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